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Frequent questions

Is SpeedConference really free?

Yes, each participant calls 0203 8080 200, a local number included in fixed and mobile plans. For participants who are abroad, SpeedConference offers local numbers in over 35 countries worldwide. See the complete list
In the coming months, options such as videoconferencing will become available with subscription.
Yet, our voice conference call service will remain usable with no subscription.

Why an email invitation?

We provide an email for you with the date, time of the conference, number to call and access code (which ensures that all participants meet in the same conference room). All you have to do is fill in the emails of each of the participants and click send.

What do you do with my email address and the email addresses of my participants?

Nothing. We make no data collection and have no access to your email address or your address book. We just save you the extra work by opening your mailbox and letting you access your address book to fill in the emails for your invitation.

Is my conference call secure?

Yes, it is. The email we send out contains a unique access code which allows you and your participants to meet in privacy.

How many participants can I invite?

SpeedConference can accommodate a maximum of 100 people per conference.